How To Discover Your Purpose And Live Victoriously On Earth

(A Godly Guide for Growing Leaders)

In this book, I reveal the hard lessons learned in my last 55 years of discovering purpose so you can shorten your journey through life, discover God's plan for your life and receive the power to become.

Emmanuel Solarin

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Receive Power For Tommorrow, Live Victoriously And Become Who You're Meant To Be.

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What People Are Saying:

  • avatar Israel Joseph Founder of Israel Joseph Ministries and Author of "Marriage Mentor"

    After reading your book, I feel I should honestly commend you on a work well done. This to me is classic which everyone, not just ministers alone, should get hold of. The content of your book is not just an academic work I testify to this as I read; it contains downloads of knowledge and wisdom that is beyond the words of schools and colleges but from the throne of God the “Omniscient’. If anyone desires a quick ‘Spiritual Upgrade’ I recommend this piece.

  • avatar Stella Olorunyomi Veteran Journalist and Author of “Life Before and After I Do”

    This is the heart of the Father ministering to his children. It is impossible to read this book and not be encouraged, delivered and transformed forever. I have read it and I know my life will never remain the same. I advise, however, that if you will not read it, don’t bother opening the book.

  • avatar Isabel Abiodun CEO Speekrite Concepts

    This book is an excellent read for the person looking for good Christian guidance. The information I gathered was an eye opener and a must read.

  • avatar Emmanuel Onwuneme

    This is one book out of many that those who desire to worship God in Spirit and in Truth, and inspire others to a deeper awareness of God must read. It is very captivating and uplifts the souls of believers to be spirit-filled to aspire in earnest pursuit of spiritual growth rather than dwelling on natural and carnal knowledge.

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So What’s The Book About?

Become the ‘Toast and Envy’ of your Colleagues.

Excellence and Distinction are not medals awarded to you on a platter of gold; they’re earned. They are not only a matter of grace and anointing, but also that of purpose and skill. God is a holy and an ‘All-Dimensional Business Man’; and He has given you His holiness and creativity to handle business for Him on earth in a unique way.

True winners don’t have a better yesterday. This Book will transform you into one. It guarantees you the discovery of your particular purpose which has market value and a job so perfect for you that assures you of Job security. It contains so much more about you than you can ever imagine; giving you The Power to Become the man to be sought after in your field of endeavour. And that supernatural advantage of God’s favour to be outstanding: wherever you are.

God will never give man a purpose that has no market value. A discovery of this not only guarantees you a slot in the market, but also guarantees you a market in the slot.

His purpose for you has job security, relevance, being indispensable, and power attached to it. It also gives you recognition in heaven and on earth.

This Book from the first chapter: THE ASSIGNMENT; to the last: THE CHRISTIAN AND THE MANIFESTATION OF HIS GLORY FOR DISTINCTION; brings out important principles that make you significant to God and man.

Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

Some Important Tips You’ll Learn

  • The one quality you must possess to stand out amongst excellent people. (Having this one quality actually makes you their leader). Page 5.
  • How palm reading and voodoo could be destroying your life right now…without you even realizing it. (There’s one thing that such magic can never figure out about your destiny and you’ll discover it on page 133).
  • Why saying the conventional sinner’s prayer is a waste of time…and the right thing to do instead. (Many pastors are doing this and see it as the ‘way to go’. You’ll discover the remedy on pages 28-36).
  • The two qualities that God looks for before He reveals your purpose to you. Page 135.
  • The one simple word that can make you relevant throughout your generation. Page 6.
  • The little known secret that gives you a firm grip of unquestioned authority and continues to make you the reference point of success wherever you are, irrespective of envy, jealousy and persecution. Page 5.
  • The ultimate thing that God desires from you as a Christian and the church as a whole. (Contrary to what you’re thinking, it’s not holiness. Find out what it is on page 15).
  • Why being too busy can hinder you from achieving your purpose…and how you can fix this. Page 145.
  • The power of the anointing and why many Christians today with the Holy Spirit live fruitless lives. (Just having the Holy Spirit alone doesn’t guarantee fulfilment of purpose). Page 57.
  • The only requirement you must be ready to have if you want to achieve extraordinary distinction and stand out of the crowd. Page 6.
  • The single verse in the Old Testament that works with the anointing to make you a success. (This is a popular verse and is God’s recipe for success). Page 57.
  • The one virtue you must possess that’ll guarantee you inspiration for exploits from the Holy Spirit. (Just in case you’re wondering, it’s still not holiness). Page 62.
  • The 10 simple ways to know if you have discovered your purpose or not. Page 70.
  • Why the common phrase, “Thank God it’s Friday” is a sign that you’re missing your purpose in life and how to get it right. Page 71.
  • The true meaning of JOB SECURITY and why having a good job doesn’t necessarily guarantee it. (Unfortunately, most people depend on their jobs but you’ll discover how to turn this around in your favour on pages 71-72).
  • The qualities you need to possess in order to be indispensable to God. (Most people believe that no one is indispensable, and that God always has substitutes, but you’ll discover the exception to this rule). Page 96.
  • The true meaning of grace and how to use it to your advantage. (Defining grace as “unmerited favour” keeps you limited. You’ll stand ahead of the crowd by discovering this new meaning). Pages 119-120.
  • A simple formula, hidden in the book of Romans that can make you more fruitful in life and the two most important factors in that equation. Page 122.
  • The one phrase that gives you power to stand your ground and achieve purpose as a Christian. (Jesus Christ used this phrase several times in the Bible when He faced contention). Page 19.
  • And much more...

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About The Author

My name is Emmanuel Solarin and I’m an author, transformational speaker and Pastor.

My ministerial walk started in 1998 when I received divine direction from the Lord in a dream (a story you’d read about in the book). I wasn’t born an author, and like you, I also had to discover my purpose. And as you may have guessed, the road wasn’t so smooth.

After completing my education with a degree in History, a course which I love very much, I resumed work in an advertising agency. I must say, it was a really good job. The kind of job where you wear good suits, meet very important people in power and go to parties meant for only the big boys. I was a full member of the Advertising Practioners Council of Nigeria (APCON).

That was the life. A few more years at that job and I probably would have been really successful, having all the material possessions most people only dream about.

But as God would have it, He didn’t want me to be a successful failure.

Even though the job looked like everything a normal thinking man would want, to God, I wasn’t doing what He had sent me to do. I may have been successful on earth, but in His eyes, I would have failed.

And so one fateful day, at His command, I quit. I had to leave all the glamour to face a higher calling that not only glorifies God, but that would change the lives of people around me, including yours’. It was then I discovered that everything I had ever been, done or been saved from was orchestrated by God to lead me to the expected end He wanted for me.

The books I author, the lectures and counsel I give are my way of carrying out the assignment that He has sent me. And it is my goal to ensure that you not only discover who you are, but that you enter into your purpose on earth so that you can achieve excellence and distinction beyond your imagination.

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Receive Power For Tommorrow, Live Victoriously And Become Who You're Meant To Be.

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